Carnival Outfits & Dance Costume Hire OFFERS

We offer a special group discount to Notting Hill Dance Troupes, Samba Dancers, Vegas Showgirl and Professional Choreographers who require more than three carnival outfits dance costumes. Contact Zoe London right away to receive your special discount.

Zoe London Showgirl Carnival Dance Outfits for Hire

We have one of the largest collections of dance costumes for Hire in sizes 8 to 14 and different colors. 

To learn more about the best dance costumes to rent in London or to arrange a visit to try our dance costume collection for your dance genre or group, please call.

Dancers from Notting Hill, Burlesque dancers of all genders are welcome. We specialize in outfits for all dance genres, including Carnival Outfits, Samba, Showgirl, Sequin, Commercial Dance Troupe Outfits, Tango, Burlesque, and even bellydance costumes for beginners.

For showgirl costume viewings appointment, we are located in Rochester and London. Call Zoe at 07904083912 to arrange a fitting session or to discuss your feather fan needs.

You can choose from a variety of comfortable headdresses with plumes made of ostrich feathers, as well as sequin leotards, satin gloves, feather fans, sequin chokers, and large backpacks with plumes made of ostrich feathers.

A 25% security deposit of the total order is required and is refunded fully upon return of the costume in original condition within 5 days of the agreed date.